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Our very satisfying breakfast on a relaxed Monday


It’s a public holiday today and we decided to have some thing different for breakfast today.  Sheryl suggested Avocado on toasts and concocted this Avocado Cream Spread that goes really well with grilled shrimps or bacon bits.  A little bit of creativity is all it takes for a delightful meal.  Verdict : Very good !

This is what you need :

A) Mix together :
3 ripe avocados (for 6 toasts)
1 tbsp of mayonnaise
1 tsp of lemon juice
a pinch of salt & pepper

B) Bacon Bits

C) Shrimps
– deveined, washed and season with some mixed herbs, salt, pepper & olive oil
– grill or pan-fry until done

D) 6 slices of multi-grains bread

Method :
1) Spread avocado mix on toast
2) Top with cooked shrimps or bacon bits or both
3) Served with your favourite breakfast drink