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My family likes salmon grilled or steamed. It can be cooked in various sauces like teriyaki, lemon pepper or simply grilled with salt & pepper.  It can be also steamed, chinese style, or minced and made into patties. Bottled spicy sauces such as Woh Hup’s Nonya Chilli Sauce makes a good topping for steamed salmon.  Try it.  It’s really not bad.

This one uses Lemon Pepper Sauce :

For the sauce, mix together and adjust taste accordingly to your own preference :

Light Soya Sauce
Some Lemon Juice & Rind
Some sugar
Black pepper
A little water
Olive oil
Cornstarch for thickening sauce

– Wash & pat dry salmon fillets. Make slits on skin and put them in a box. Pour seasoning over fillet and leave in the refrigerator to season for 2hours or overnight.
– Drain salmon and reserve seasoning.
– Place salmon on a greased grilling pan.
– Grill for 7 to 10 mins, depending on the thickness of the fillets, until done.
– Boil and thicken the reserved seasoning with some cornstarch. Drizzle over grilled salmon just before serving.


Grilled Salmon in Lemon Pepper Sauce. Suggested serving – as a main course with fresh salads & baked/mashed potatoes or eaten with steamed calrose rice & a side vegetables.