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In my opinion, this is an essential butter to have around for busy home makers.  I learnt this recipe from an old friend who had worked in several popular sandwich eateries here in Singapore and was told that it was an in-house “secret” recipe.  It is so simple to make but yet packed a punch when added to meat or seafood dishes as it  makes them juicier & tastier.  It is also great as a sandwich spread.

Some suggestions include :

1) Spread it on bread before toasting.  Eat it on its own or top it with grilled prawns or slices of grilled chicken meat with some fresh greens.  Makes a hearty breakfast or as a meal on its own with cream soup.

2) Season fish fillets (fresh salmon, halibut, dory or any white fish) with salt and butter and dot some of it on top of the fillets before grilling / baking.

3) Add it to stuffing (eg spinanch, italian parsley etc) in meat recipes such as Chicken Kieve, it will make the meat juicer & tastier.

To make this, you will need :

Ingredients :

Butter, at room temperature
Fresh lemon juice & rind (adjust amount according to taste – we like it really sour)
A generous amount of minced herbs (I use parsley)
Some sugar
Salt & Pepper to taste

Method :

1) Minced the herbs really fine and mix it thoroughly with all the other ingredients. Store in an airtight container and keep it in the freezer. Can be frozen for up to three months.

2) Use a sharp knife to crave out the required portion and refreeze it quickly.  Note – do not refreeze after thawing.