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Eryngil Mushroom is also known as King Mushroom or King Trumpet Mushroom.  My family likes it for its texture.  When cooked, it is like biting into braised abalone.  However, it is quite tasteless by itself so it is necessary to season it with some sauces & spices before cooking.

The first time we had Eryngil mushrooms was when we were on a tour in Taiwan some years back.  It was cut into cubes and seasoned with a mixture of herbs and salt and grilled on a hot plate.  A tad too salty but they were actually quite nice.  At home, we prefer them braised.


Ingredients :
4 Eryngil Mushrooms, washed & sliced and then season with :
– light soya sauce, worcester sauce, white pepper, sesame oil and a little corn starch

Other ingredients :
a bunch of xiao bai cai, washed & cut (separate
stalks & leaves)
a dessertspoon of wolfberry
a few slices of carrots
some minced garlic, divided into 2 portions
some light soya sauce
oil for frying

Method :
1) Heat oil in pan.  Brown one portion of garlic lightly in oil and toss in seasoned eryngil mushrooms.
2) Stir fry mushrooms until colour changes, about 5-6mins.  It should look like cooked abalone. Add wolfberries and very little hot water.  Stir-fry for another 1 min.  Dish up and put aside for later use.

Stir-fry the mushrooms until its texture resemble braised abalone

3) Wash frying pan.  Heat some oil and fry remaining garlic until fragrant.  Add in xiao bai cai stalks and stir fry for 1min.

4) Add in the leaves and stir fry for another 2 mins.  Season with light soya sauce and drizzle some hot water on it.  When vegetables are cooked, dish up on a plate.
5) Arrange the cooked Eryngil Mushrooms on the vegetables.
6) Serve immediately.

Stir-fry Xiao Bai Chye with Eryngii Mushrooms

The Eyrngii Mushrooms can also be stir fried together with other types of fresh mushrooms like Shiitake, Enoki, Oyster mushrooms, etc and served as a dish on its own.  Xiao Bai Cai can also be substituted with other vegetables like snow peas, french beans, cai xin, spinach, nai bai, etc.