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It’s such a pity! There was one untouched tray of rice left after the buffet dinner in my church last night. Leftover dishes like fish and chicken were taken quickly but not the rice. So when the caterer was clearing up, I quickly packed 2 boxes of it, gave one to a friend and persuaded some people to take the rest home.

Fragrant Pilaf Rice – what a waste to throw this away !

I cringe to see rice being thrown away.  With so many hungry people around the world, I think it is rather sinful to discard good edible food, especially rice.  We all know that rice farming is very labour intensive as the initial process of planting the seedlings are all done by hand. In fact, in poor countries, harvesting rice is still done manually. In recent years, we also hear and read about how bad weather has been destroying rice crops. Imagine the agony of rice farmers when their months of back-breaking work come to nothing ):

In my Myanmese helper’s hometown, rice is MONEY.  To date, rice is still being used to barter for almost everything in her hometown, including payment for school fees! It is my wish that people would be more conscientious when throwing rice away.  Part of this “Planting Rice” song that I learnt when I was a little child still rings clearly in my head:

Planting rice is never fun,
Bending over ‘til the set of sun.
Cannot sit and cannot stand,
Cannot rest a little bit…

Planting rice is no fun
Bent from morn till set of sun,
Cannot stand, cannot sit,
Cannot rest a little bit.

Oh, come friends and let us homeward take our way,
Now we rest until the dawn is gray,
Sleep, welcome sleep, we need to keep us strong
Morn brings another workday long.

Oh, my back is like to break,
Oh, my bones with the damp still ache,
And my legs are numb and set
For their long soaking in the wet.

It is hard to be so poor
And such sorrow and pain endure,
You must move your arms about,
Or you’ll find you must go without.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As raisins, walnut and spices were already in the fragrant pilaf rice, I added some vegetables, eggs and sausages to make fried rice for our dinner tonight.

Ingredients :
4pcs garlic, minced
1 large onion (diced)
some mixed vegetable
2 large sausages, diced
½ can of button mushrooms, diced
2 eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon fish or chicken powder
salt & pepper to taste

Method :
1) Heat a little oil in the pan and make an omelette with the eggs.  When almost done, cut them into small pieces in the pan.  Dish up and set aside.

2) Heat some oil and fry the garlic & onions until fragrant.  Add in the mixed veg, mushrooms and sausages and fry for a few mins.

3) Toss in the rice and omelette and fry well.  Add seasonings to taste.

4) Serve warm with some fresh sliced lettuces on top of the rice or pickles by the side.

Our delicious dinner tonight