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The Koreans called it Pajeon. I fell in love with this pancake the first time I ate it.  My Korean friends made them for me on my birthday some years back and it has since been a regular dish in my home and a crowd pleaser at my lunch or dinner parties. Unlike the normal sweet soft pancakes, this one is savoury. When cooked, the outside is crispy but the inside is soft and moist. The pancake flour is available in NTUC supermarkets or any of the Korean stores here. As for the ingredients, there is no fixed rule as to what you should put in. Just add in any preferred kinds of vegetables or seafood. Make a hearty snack or as a side dish.  Korean spicy bean paste makes an excellent dip for this pancake but omit that for kids as it can be quite fiery.


Ingredients :
(A) For the Batter :
250gm Korean Pancake flour
420ml water

(B) Other ingredients :
1 medium size squid, sliced
150g shrimps, devined & slice into halves
5 crab sticks, sliced
1 large onion, sliced
1 large stalk spring onions or some chives, sliced
some kimchi, chopped (optional – only if you like it spicy)

Method :
1) Whisk (A) lightly in a large bowl until batter is smooth (or follow instructions on packaging).

2) Add all the ingredients in (B) to (A).  Mix well.

3) Heat some oil in a frying pan. Ladle some batter with the assorted ingredients into the heated pan.

4) When one side is nicely brown and cooked, flip it over and fry the other side until done.

5) Makes 5pcs of 7” round pancakes.

Korean Savoury Pancakes – a pancake full of surprises !