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Do you know that OTAH actually means “brain” in Indonesian and Malay? I’ve absolutely no idea what the co-relation is as otak is made purely from minced fish and spices.  The only reason I could think of is that when the ingredients are blended together, they do resemble mashed up brain… haha.. food for thought !

My favourite otak are those from Muar, Malaysia. They come in different varieties with other ingredients like shrimps, squids and crab meat added.  A friend from Malaysia often brings them for me but they are now easily available in wet markets and some supermarkets here. I use them as fillings in home-made bread, on pizzas and in omelette.

This one is a hot family favourite and a crowd-pleaser too :


Ingredients :
3 large eggs, beaten
1 pack of uncooked Otak (about 180gm)

Method :
1) Heat up a non-stick pan with some oil.
2) Pour the beaten eggs into the heated pan and swirl it around to form a thin round skin. Reduce heat and allow the omelette to set.

3) Remove the omelette onto a flat plate.

4) Spread the otak mixture on the omelette and roll it up like a spring-roll.

5) Heat some oil in a non-stick pan and carefully place the omelette roll into the pan. (If you have a microwave, cook omelette on HIGH for 2mins. This will reduce the frying time substantially).

6) Pan-fry on low heat until the omelette roll is nicely brown all over and the otak filling is thoroughly cooked.

7) Slice into equal portions and serve as a appetizer or a side dish with asian cuisine.

– Delicious Spicy Otah Rolls – this one has extra sliced fish added