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It’s a Saturday evening and both my gals wanted very much to dine out but couldn’t find the time to do so.  Sheryl was overloaded with office work and Shermaine had to study for a quiz. Craving for something special, we decided on homemade sushi for dinner. It turned out to be a good idea as we watched the enjoyable movie “ENCHANTED” on Channel 5 while chomping happily on assorted sushi, all in the comfort of our own home.

our assorted sushi platter with two different types of maki rolls and some stuffed inari beancurd wraps

Making our own sushi allows us to put in whatever ingredients we favour. For this dinner, we made three different types of sushi – a maki sushi with shrimps, avocado and shrimp roe, another with beef, egg and cucumber, and some seasoned inari bean curd wraps stuffed with a combination of chopped crabsticks, fried eggs, cucumber and shrimp roe mixed with mayonnaise.

To make sushi, it is advisable to steam the rice two hours ahead of your meal time so that you may season it and leave it to cool while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. The vinegar dressing for the rice should be added while the rice is still hot and absorbent.

Sushi is best eaten slightly warm or at room temperature, contrary to store-bought ones that are usually chilled in order to keep them fresh.

A bamboo rolling mat is necessary for making sushi. Most supermarkets sell this or you can get it at Daiso for only $2.


For sushi rice :
5 cups of calrose or japanese short-grain rice
5 tablespoons of seasoned mirin (seasoned Japanese vinegar dressing, available in supermarkets)

Method :
1) Cook the rice in the same way as regular rice in a rice cooker.
2) When done, drizzle on seasoned mirin and fold in quickly using a flat wooden spoon.
3) Transfer rice to a large bowl and leave in an airy corner to cool.

To make Sushi :
1 pack of nori seaweed
A tube of Japanese mayonnaise
Your choice of ingredients

Method :
1) Place a sheet of nori seaweed on a bamboo rolling mat. Spread a thin layer of cooked rice evenly over the nori but leave ½ inch on the top free from rice as you will need this to seal the roll.

2) Place your choice of ingredients horizontally across the rice and squeeze some mayonnaise over the ingredients. Take care not to place too much ingredients or it won’t roll nicely. (For this maki roll, we use cooked shrimps with avocado, cucumber and shrimp roe.)

3) Using the bamboo mat, roll it up carefully and evenly, pressing it firmly at the same time.

4) Remove the rolling mat and trim both ends of the maki roll and cut into 2cm length pieces.

5) Serve with Japanese soy sauce dip. For a spicy kick, add Japanese wasabi into the sauce.

To make Stuffed Inari Beancurd Wrap :
1 packet of Seasoned Inari Beancurd Wrap
Your choice of ingredients

Method :
1) Rinse the wraps gently in hot water to remove excess oil. Remove and pat lightly with paper towels.
2) Stuff the wrap two-thirds with the cool sushi rice.
3) Fill up with your preferred choice of ingredients such as tuna with mayonnaise, corn kernels with mayonnaise, chopped crabsticks with mayonnise, seasoned cooked octopus, etc.
4) Serve with a Japanese soy sauce dip. Add wasabi to dip if you prefer it spicy.