Last night, I had a SOS call at 10.30pm. My mum’s refrigerator was overflowing with jackfruit again. There were uncountable number of jackfruit dug out from two huge fruits that my brother-in-law had brought back from his plantation in Malaysia. I reluctantly drove down to my mum’s house and was shoved one giant ice-cream box and a plastic bag filled to the brim with them. Another box contained the fibres for me to use in my cooking. The week before, we were also given a big box of it. The fruits were really sweet and succulent and I used part of them to make Chicken & Jackfruit Curry.

To have jackfruit thrice in a row can be rather overwhelming. This time, I decided to make half of it into jam instead as it can be kept refrigerated for several weeks. The jam goes really well with plain, lightly salted crackers and makes a good afternoon snack with tea or coffee.

And, it makes a good gift too !


Ingredients :
1 kg jackfruit flesh (for blending)
6pcs jackfruits (remove seed & cut flesh into small cubes)
250gm white sugar or brown sugar
Juice & rind from 2 large lemons

Method :
1) Squeeze the juice from the lemon and set aside.
2) Put 1kg of jackfruit flesh into a blender. Add the lemon juice and blend until jackfruits become a pulp.

3) Transfer the jackfruit pulp into a cooking pot. Grate the rind of the lemon skin into the pot and mix well.

4) Heat the pot over a low flame and add in sugar, stirring constantly for 30 mins.

5) Toss in the cubed jackfruits and continue to cook for another 30mins until the mixture is thick and sticky. (Alternatively, put all the ingredients into a pressure cooker. This will cut down half the cooking time.)

6) Cool the jam and transfer it into glass jars. Keep refrigerated.

7) Enjoy over white bread or lightly salted crackers for a hearty snack.

Spread it on lightly salted crackers for a delicious snack, or

Delight some one with it !