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Mmmm… I am just so into jackfruit this week. First it was jackfruit curry, followed by jackfruit jam, and then it’s jackfruit muffins tonight 🙂

It’s 8.30pm. My eldest gal has gone to a wedding dinner and my younger one at home studying. So I busied myself with making more jackfruit jam and it suddenly striked me – why not put them into muffins too? A quick check into my refrigerator and kitchen cupboard  and I was all ready to embark on my first attempt at Jackfruit Muffins.

This time round, I use the microwave to cook the jam so that left me free to prepare the muffins batter.  Took less than 20mins to put them together and it’s baking in the oven now. Results out in 25 mins…..

Meantime, these are the ingredients I put together :


Ingredients :
100gm unsalted butter
80gm fine sugar

2 eggs

100gm self-raising flour (sieved)

To mix together in a cup:
75ml fresh milk
130gm jackfruit jam

(E) 100gm fresh jackfruit (cut into small cubes)

(F) some jackfruit jam and almond slices for topping

1) Cream (A) until light & fluffy.

2) Add (B) one at a time, making sure it is well incorporated with the butter mixture before adding the next one. Beat until batter is light and fluffy.

3) Fold in (C), alternating with (D).

Fold in half the flour, then add in half the jam mixture and mix well. Do this gently and do not over-stir or the muffin will become “rubbery” in texture.

Fold in the remaining flour, follow by the remaining jam mixture (take care not to over-stir again)

4) Lastly, add (E) and give it a quick stir.

5) Fill muffin cups 2/3 full with batter and top with (F).

6) Bake in a preheated oven until it is nicely brown at 200°C for 22 mins.

Now, the result……

It’s MOIST, DELICIOUS and smells HEAVENLY, and that’s our supper tonight 🙂

JACKFRUIT MUFFINS – tastes as good as it smells !