A sweet friend invited me to join her at a demo baking class today.  Pastry Chef Lester Hong patiently demonstrated the entire process of making this awesome log cake. It took almost 2 hours to complete the session but the beautiful result was well worth the effort. Chocolatey, rich and divine, not only was it visually enticing, it was simply sinfully delicious!

Be warned, though, to eat sparingly if you’re watching your calories as this cake is packed full with fats and more fats. So watch your chomp!



(A) 250gm Unsalted Butter

(B) 250gm Dark Chocolate Conventures (75% cocoa)

(C) 50gm Cocoa Powder

17nos Egg Yolk
60gm Fine Sugar

11nos Egg White
100gm Fine Sugar


1)     Melt (A) and set aside.
2)     In a double boiler, melt (B). Remove from heat.
3)     Combine (A) & (B) and mix well. Add in (C) and keep stirring until well combined. Set aside to cool to room temperature.
4)     Whip (D) until batter is stiff & silky in texture and double in volume. Set aside.
5)     Whip (E) till light and fluff and fold ½ of this to yolk mixture with spatula.
6)     Take some of this batter and add to the cool chocolate mixture and mix well. After that stir this into the egg yolk mixture and combine well, followed by the rest of the whipped egg whites.
7)     Line fully a 16”x12” rectangle tray with parchment paper. Pour cake batter into the tray and bake in a preheated 165°C oven for 25-30mins until done.
8)     Remove from tray onto a cooling rack. Meantime, prepare the filling & topping cream.

P/S: This cake can be eaten on its own too. If you don’t want the frills of dressing it up, just dust it with a good quality cocoa powder or, alternatively, cover it generously with a milk chocolate ganache or fudge. Guaranteed to give a solid chocolate fix !


Part I : The Filling

Dash of Cinnamon Powder
300gm Fresh Banana (mashed)
65ml Milk
250gm Dark Chocolate (55% cocoa)
500gm Whipped Cream (‘Millac Gold’ brand, available at Phoon Huat)
Extra bananas (approx 4pcs) – cut to 0.5cm slices


  1. Boil the milk, pour in the dark chocolate convertures. Stir well to melt and then leave aside to cool to room temperature.
  2. Mash 300gm bananas. Set aside.
  3. Whip the cream until stiff and add in cinnamon powder. Fold the whipped cream to the chocolate mixture with a spatula until well combined (you may also use a hand whisk to stir gently to remove any lumps). Divide mixture into 2 bowls. In one bowl, stir in the mashed bananas and combine well.  Leave both bowls in chiller or freezer for later use.
  4. Cut 4-5pcs bananas to 0.5cm slices. Put into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap (to arrest oxidization) and set aside.

Part II : The Topping

100gm milk chocolate convertures (melted & set aside to cool)
500ml whipped cream (‘LESCURE’ Brand – available at Phoon Huat)
–       whip at high speed (Kenwood Major Speed 4) till soft and fluffy.
–       leave in chiller or freezer until ready to use

Part III : Assemble the Logcake

1)    Place the cake onto a parchment paper. Trim off the top of the cake with a long cake knife.

2)    Spread the plain chocolate whipped cream thinly and evenly over the entire surface of the cake, followed by a thin layer of the chocolate banana whipped cream.

3)    Top with sliced bananas.


4)    Put the remaining chocolate banana whipped cream into a piping bag and squeeze the cream in-between the rolls of sliced bananas.


5)   Using the parchment paper, roll the cake into a swiss roll.



6)    Cut 2 slices of 2” each from one end and place the swiss roll onto a cake board.


7)    Coat the remaining plain chocolate whipped cream evenly over the log cake, followed by the white topping cream. Assemble the 2 cut-out slices on top and repeat the coating.


20121215_16002320121215_160058-18)    Drizzle some melted milk chocolate over the cake. Using a fork, draw horizontal lines across the log and decorate it with Christmas ornaments.


20121215_161331-110)  Dust with snow powder for a snowy effect.