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This yogurt muffin recipe is actually from my eldest daughter. She learnt this during Home Economics class when she was in secondary one. It is by far my most favourite muffin mix as I can play around with the yogurt and fruit to come up with different types of flavours.  Be adventurous and you will be surprised by your own creativity.

Simply use different types of yogurt and fruits to come up with these yummilicious muffins :

Type Yogurt Fruit
Strawberry Muffin Strawberry or Mixed Berries Fresh Strawberries
Mango Muffin Mango or Peach or Apricot Fresh Mangoes
Apricot Muffin Apricot or Peach or Mango Fresh or Dried Apricots
Blueberry Muffin Blueberry or Mixed Berries Fresh Blueberries

And the list goes on…….

Recently, I made these Blueberry Muffins for some overseas friends and they love it. They said it was the best they’ve ever eaten!

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Blueberry is full of medicinal properties. It purportedly is a good natural remedy for urinary tract diseases, a natural medicine for the eye, an effective solution against wounds and ulcers, a remedy to improve circulation, to name a few. Knowing that the muffin contains both healthy fruits and yogurt somehow makes indulging in this snack less sinful… haha…  Anyway, who cares about calories when the muffin smells as good as it tastes 😀

Just for the kids, I "dressed-up" some of them with icing sugar. Imagine their glee when they saw them!

Just for the kids, I “dressed-up” some of them with icing sugar. Imagine their glee when they saw them!


Ingredients :

100gm butter
100gm sugar

2 eggs, beat lightly with ½ tablespoon vanilla essence

200gm self-raising flour, sieved

150ml yogurt
75ml fresh milk

125gm fresh or dried fruits

Method (it is the same as in Banana Muffin) :

1)    In a mixer, cream (A) until light & fluffy.

2)    Add (B) gradually, beating well after each addition.

3)    Fold in half of (C), then fold in rest of the flour alternating with (D).

4)    Lastly, fold in (E).

5)    Fill muffin cups 2/3 full with the batter.

6)    Bake in a preheated 220°C oven for 20 mins or until a skewer comes out clean and the muffin is nicely brown.