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PEACH & PASSIONFRUIT CHIFFON CAKE – baked for two special ladies whom I truly admire and respect.

My mother will not eat any food that derives from cow. She says that she simply doesn’t like the taste of it but I suspect that this is not the real reason. She once told me that she had witnessed tears flowing from a cow’s eyes just before it was slaughtered – that certainly wasn’t a good sight for a young girl to witness. Therefore, where cakes are concerned, it has to be totally butter and milk free. Chiffon cake which uses vegetable oil is one of the few cakes that she would eat so when a friend wanted to drop in to visit her, I baked this Peach and Passionfruit Chiffon Cake for them to chit chat over tea.

My 84 years-old mother suffers from multi-vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis and is therefore living in constant chronic pain. Always an independent person, she has an unbreakable and restless spirit that I greatly admire. Recently she suffered from another fracture on her spine that immobilized her for three weeks. As usual, not one to lie around and bemoan her fate, she is once again back on her feet, taking her morning walks, shuffling around the house checking out for dirt and dust with her walking stick and catching up with her relatives over the telephone. Talk about active aging!

A good friend from church who heard about my mum’s recent fall, visited her two weeks ago and came to see her again yesterday. She can truly empathise with my mum’s condition as likewise, compressed nerves in her body have been giving her painful problems in her mobility too. Always cheerful and helpful, she put aside her own constraints and made a almost two hours journey from her home to spend half a day with my mum. Her presence brought much joy to my mum’s day. What an amazing person this 67 years-old friend is. Her actions truly reflected one of Christ’s teachings, “… the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control…”   Her selfless love for others is truly worthy of admiration. Thank God for wonderful people like her!

Back to the cake, if you’re not a fan of butter and milk for any other reasons, chiffon cake is really a good choice. Although this one is not as cottony as the Banana Chiffon that I made earlier, it is also soft, moist and full of flavour. Served with a scope of peach ice-cream or slices of sweet peaches together with passionfruit drizzle, it makes a a refreshing dessert on a summer day.


(makes one 25cm chiffon pan)


7 egg yolks
50gm caster sugar

110ml peach & passionfruit tea (fm 3 teabags of infused peach & passionfruit teabags in boiling water)
80ml passionfruit pulp

105gm corn oil (or any vegetable oil)

175gm cake flour
1.5 teaspoon baking powder

9 egg whites
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/2 teaspoon fine salt
200gm caster sugar

1 can sliced peaches in syrup
Passionfruit drizzle (mixed passionfruit pulp with some syrup from the canned peaches)


Prepare ahead:

1) Infuse peach & passionfruit teabags in boiling water for 30mins. Add passionfruit pulp and combine well. Set aside.

2) Sieve cake flour with baking powder thrice and set aside.

To make the egg yolk mixture :

3) Whisk (A) until pale yellow and creamy.

4) Add (B) and (C) and mix well with a spatula. Continue to fold in (D) until well incorporated. Set aside.

To make the egg white mixture :

5) Whisk (F) – whisk egg whites with cream of tartar until soft peaks formed and then add in caster sugar & salt and continue to whisk till glossy and stiff

6) Fold egg whites to yolk mixture and combine well using a long spatula or your hands. Pour batter into a chiffon tube pan evenly.

7) Bake in a preheated oven at 160C for 40-50 mins until done. Remove from oven immediately and turn the baking tin upside down, leaving it to cool completely before removing the cake (about 4 hours).

8) Slice and serve with fresh or canned peaches and passionfruit drizzle

Enhance the flavour further with a cup of peach & passionfruit tea !

Enhance the flavour further with a cup of peach & passionfruit tea !