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In the past year, Daughter #1 has decided to eat less meat. For one who, until a year ago, must have meat in her daily meals, it’s admirable to see her determination to switch to a healthier choice. The rest of the family inevitably is influenced too, so juicing fruits with vegetables and eating vegetarian meals have become a regular for us now.

Expecting a rough week ahead at work, Daughter #1 requested for packed lunch to take along over the next few days. So good mum swung into action this morning and made Vegetable Medley Gratin. Very nice, sweet and fulfilling, Daughter #1 described in her message to me during her lunch break. In any way, if you want to clear the vegetables in your fridge, this recipe is a “good” riddance, if you know what i mean 😀


Ingredients (serves 2 to 3)

3 potatoes, cubed
300gm pumpkin, cubed
1 carrot, cubed
600ml milk

1 large onion, chopped
3 clove garlic, minced

(C) – to cut into bite size pieces :
A handful of mushrooms (any type – I use shimeji mushrooms)
½ red pepper
½ yellow pepper
1 small head broccoli
1 zucchini

150ml cooking cream
120gm cheese (a mixture of cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella)
salt & pepper to taste

2 teaspoons cornflour dissolved in some water

an extra 80gm mixed cheese (for topping)
a dash of paprika


1) Bring potatoes and milk to boil for 10 mins. Add carrots and pumpkin and continue to boil for a further 8 mins or until all ingredients are just done (do not cook for too long). Turn off heat and set aside.

2) Heat 2-3 tablespoon cooking oil in a pan. Add (B) and fry till fragrant. Toss in peppers and mushrooms and stir-fry for 2 mins. Add zucchini and cook until slightly tender, then add broccoli and cook for 1 min.

3) Carefully add potatoes-carrots-pumpkin-milk mixture into the pan of vegetables. Sitr well and bring to boil.

4) Add (D) cooking cream & cheese and stir until cheese melts. Season with salt and peppper.

5) Lastly, thicken sauce with cornflour mixture (E).

6) Transfer all ingredients to an oven-proof dish or several small oven-proof wares. Sprinkle extra cheese & paprika (F) evenly on top of gratin and bake at 200°C for 10 mins or until cheese melts.


8) Serve with baguette or enjoy as it is.

Lunch bento on the go!

Lunch bento on the go!