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A rewarding accidental discovery. The last time when I made Spring Onion Bread, out of exasperation, I had to substitute part of the bread flour with Hong Kong flour as it was out of stock at three supermarts I went to. Hong Kong Flour is especially good for chinese pastries and steamed buns and it was the first time I tried it on baked bread. Out of curiousity, I put some of the bread to ‘steam’ and, voila – what a surprise! The baked ones were good but the steamed buns tasted even better!

This steamed version was ambitiously made with 100% Hong Kong flour. I used ‘Bake King’ brand premium Hong Kong Flour and the result was impressive. The steamed bread stayed soft and fluffy even on the next day. I can’t exactly call this a ‘mantou’ as there’s fats and eggs in it but it’s certainly another one good recipe to keep on hand.


For the dough ingredients & method, please refer to  ‘BASIC SWEET BREAD DOUGH” and substiute all flour to HONGKONG FLOUR. For this recipe, I doubled the portion.

Ingredients for filling (prepare while dough is proofing):

(A) – mixed well together in a bowl
100gm spring onions (scallions), diced
50ml melted butter (or 50ml garlic oil)
salt and pepper to taste

(B) – diced & set aside (you may omit these totally or use any other preferred ingredients)
2 pcs sausages
1 pack otah (200gms)

Method :

1)    When the dough is ready for use, divide bread dough into 3 equal portions and mould into balls.  Leave to rest for 15 mins.

2)    Roll each ball of dough to a 18cm x 20cm rectangle. Spread with spring onion mixture and sprinkle diced sausages / otah evenly on top. Roll up and cut into 5cm sections. Place rolls apart in a steamer tray and leave in a warm place to proof for a further 45 minutes until double in size.

3) See how big these have risen! Bring water to boil. Steam covered on high for 15 mins.

5) Remove immediately and leave to cool. Best eaten warm.

so soft & fluffy !

so soft & fluffy !

Abbey just can't resist a quick bite !

even Abbey just couldn’t resist a quick bite !

makes a great breakfast treat :D

makes a great breakfast treat 😀