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It was a grab at just 90 cents each at Giant Hypermart yesterday and grab I sure did – seven plump pumpkins altogether! I gave four away and kept the remaining three for ourselves. Over the next few days, the family and our pet Scottie Abbey are definitely in for a pumpkin overload…hee..hee… (:

First on the pumpkin menu was these cheery-looking steamed mini pumpkin puddings that were made yesterday. 20140828_155341 Look at them, aren’t they pretty? Smells and tastes heavenly too. Family members love it so will be making another batch and sharing the recipe pretty soon.

Today, I use a whole pumpkin to make this nourishing Steamed Pumpkin with Chicken and Mushrooms. It is said that pumpkin is eaten best after steam-cooking to get maximum nutrients. I brought my mum over for dinner and she enjoyed it thoroughly. So sweet and flavourful, she said. It’s a joy to see her savouring each mouthful (:




1 ripe pumpkin (about 1.5 – 2 kg)
1 large chicken thigh (skinned and cut into smaller pieces)
3 large red dates
2 slices ginger
60gm mushrooms (I use japanese maitake)
1 litre water
1 stalk coriander, chopped (for garnishing)
salt & pepper to taste


1) Scald the chicken with hot water and bring to boil with water, red dates and ginger slices. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 mins. Add mushrooms and simmer for another 10mins.

2) Meantime wash the exterior of pumpkin thoroughly and pat dry. Slice off the top of pumpkin or, if you’re game enough, make a flower shape with a small carving knife and put it aside for later use. After that, scoop out and discard the seeds and the stringy mass from the inside.

3) Bring a pan of water to boil. Fill the hollowed pumpkin with the boiled chicken soup and replace the cap. Put pumpkin into a bowl and place it into the pan to steam, covered, for 30 mins.

4) When pumpkin is done, slice it into several sections. Garnish with coriander and, if preferred, season with some salt and pepper (we like it au naturel without extra seasonings). Serve hot with some greens and steamed rice.

A bowlful of pumpkin goodness !

A bowlful of pumpkin goodness !